About Us

Sassy Fashion Insoles is the creation of a true shoe diva inspired to bring style and comfort to fashion insoles. Why? Women want AND need to be prepared. Our shoes are integral to the moment when both style and fit matter.


  • Maybe shoe designers are the problem. One designer’s size 7 is another designer’s size 7-1/2. It can happen in any kind of shoe–high heels, wedges, kitten heels, sling backs, flats and stilettos. #SassyInsoles
  • Different size feet. One foot is sometimes a different size (larger or smaller) so you don’t always get the ‘right fit’ when you go up/down a size. #SassyInsoles
  • Can’t buy mixed size shoes.  When you’re checking out, the staff always checks the shoe sizes to make sure they match. So there goes that idea. In the face of that reality that you can’t buy mixed shoe sizes, you’re certain to almost always have a gap in the back of the heel of some shoes.  Thus, the gap goes home with you. Now what? #SassyInsoles
  • Alternatives don’t work. The alternative is putting  a traditional pad in your shoe which usually becomes dingy and too sticky to pull out when you want to change it. Or the gel concept is a cool improvement but it squeaks sometimes. What now? #SassyInsoles

…enter Sassy Fashion Insoles

Fashion insoles offer color and design choices for women who embrace a trendsetting lifestyle in their shoes–high heels, slingbacks, pointed toes, kitten heels or stilettos.

Performance & Beauty Benefits

FashionInsoles.com American Left & American Right
  • Beautiful Designs.  Every season, we delight women who love shoes. Sassy fashion insoles are perfect to see when you kick-off your shoes in the boardroom or the church house.
  • Style Types. Available in two shoe styles:
    • European is the world’s first pointed-toe insole product of its kind.
    • American is a classic rounded insole product tested to the left and right foot shape.
  • Confidence and Comfort. A unique product benefit is the Sassy covers the full front half of a woman’s shoe so it helps deliver great fit and confidence when a woman strolls or kicks off her shoes.
  • Sizes. Available in 3 sizes Reg, Tall, and Tall Plus starting at 6-1/2 up to ladies’ 12.
    • Regular 6-1/2-8
    • Tall 8-1/2-10
    • Tall Plus 11-12
  • No side effects. No peeling, crumbling, or gumminess, or squeaking.
  • Flexible. You can move them from one pair of shoes to the next. You can wash them and air dry too.
  • Feels Good. More than just an insole. Customers actually call it ‘lingerie for your feet” because it feels good to touch and it works too.

What Customers Say?

Giving Back!

  • 100% of sales until June 30, 2020 (or until we sell out) will support upcoming high school student success.
  • Specifically, the proceeds from this sale will buy tablets for 100+ incoming high school seniors in Memphis’ Historic Orange Mound. Melrose High School is more than 100+ years old and still pushing forward. However, economics for these children doesn’t allow them to have a tablet. In th midst of the Corona Pandemic, the Seniors didn’t have tools to access and complete their studies. Further, this kind of tool for the upcoming year can truly be a bridge. This is our path to provide electronic access and make a difference. 
  • Our goal is to expand options with the proceeds from this sale. When you buy  for yourself or give a very unique gift for the shoe divas on your gift list, you help us take someone one step closer! In the past, our proceeds have helped Dress for Success Atlanta and New York. Now, we see a need and  path to make our resources help young people. 
  • Our special allows you to save 50% on any purchase and make a difference!   

Sassy Journey! 

Sassy Fashion Insoles have made appearances at the Warner Brothers Oscar Gift Bags, Essence Women Shaping the World, Good Morning America in ATL, Dress for Success in Atlanta and New York City, ABC’s American Inventor, QVC Shoe Event in NYC, eWomenNetwork, and more.

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Every month someone asks if I have any more “sassies.” It always brings a smile because we believe in our fantastic product and the experiences of our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to stay in touch.