About Us

Sassy Fashion Insoles is the creation of a true shoe diva inspired to bring style and comfort to fashion insoles for many years. Why?

  • Designers are the problem. One designer’s size 7 is another designer’s size 7-1/2. It’s not us There are high heels, wedges, kitten heels, sling backs, flatties and stilettos.sassy-black-pump-gap-in-shoe
  • Different size feet. One foot is sometimes a different size (larger or smaller) so you don’t always get the ‘right fit’ when you go up/down a size.
  • Can’t buy mixed size shoes. Facing that reality without buying mixed sizes almost always creates a gap in the back of the heels of shoes. That’s why many store clerks check both shoe sizes when you’re buying shoes. Thus, the gap goes home with you.
  • Alternatives don’t work. The alternative is putting  a traditional pad in your shoe which usually becomes dingy and too sticky to pull out when you want to change it. Or the gel concept is a cool improvement but it squeaks sometimes.

…enter Sassy Fashion Insoles





Fashion insoles offer color and design choices for women who embrace a trendsetting lifestyle in their shoes–high heels, slingbacks, pointed toes, kitten heels or stilettos.


  • Beautiful Designs.  Every season, we delight women who love shoes. Sassy fashion insoles are perfect to see when you kick-off your shoes in the boardroom or the church house.
  • Style Types. Available in two shoe styles:
    • European is the world’s first pointed-toe insole product of its kind.
    • American is a classic rounded insole product tested to the left and right foot shape.
  • Confidence and Comfort. A unique product benefit is the sassie covers the full front half of a woman’s shoe so it helps FashionInsoles.com American Left & American Right deliver great fit and confidence when a woman strolls or kicks off her shoes.
  • Sizes. Available in 3 sizes Reg, Tall, and Tall Plus starting at 6-1/2 up to ladies’ 12.
    • Regular 6-1/2-8
    • Tall 8-1/2-10
    • Tall Plus 11-12
  • No side effects. No peeling, crumbling, or gumminess, or squeaking.
  • Flexible. You can move them from one pair of shoes to the next. (You can wash them and air dry too.)
  • Feels Good. More than just an insole. Customers actually call it ‘lingerie for your feet” because it feels good to touch and it works too.


Cindy, a San Francisco early customer FashionInsoles.com Testimonialsexclaimed, “who cares if no one ever sees them. Some may never see my body lingerie but I know it matches, and I feel wonderful from head-to-toe.”






Our goal is to expand women’s happiness when you give a very unique gift for the shoe divas on your gift list! During Black History Month, you save 50% on any purchase and share our proceeds with empowerment causes and families. This February 2018, we share with  those organizations who are leading training of African-American women seeking office at the local or national levels.

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Every month someone asks if I have any more “sassies.” It always brings a smile because we believe in our fantastic product and the experiences of our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to stay in touch.