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Top 5 Black Owned Shoe Brands

For most women, shoes and handbags are the name of the game in personal fashion statements.  We were curious about the Top Black-owned Shoe brands and we found a fabulous list here.  Stylish and comfort is the ultimate combination! When you find that combination, it could be one shoe/foot may be a little different in the fit. Don’t find yourself in that situation unprepared! Explore our fall/winter line of fashion insoles during a special Black History Month promotion.

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Christian Louboutin explains why women love shoes

Like this interview a lot. Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is insightful. I own a couple of CLs but what about you? What’s your favorite shoe designer?  (Click picture to view video)


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Running Up and Down Stairs in Heels

Running up and down stairs is hard enough for some, but running up and down in heels can be impossible. This Paris shoe designer worked for 20 years to create a changeable shoe in 4 steps. It’s awesome and great to see her hard work come to life. Shoes range from $430-$700 U.S.

If that’s not in the budget right now, don’t hesistate to check out Sassy Fashion Insoles. Chic option under $20 pair.  Check out Black Friday 16 Inventory Blowout Special. Wall-street-journal-heel-test